Pilates Goddess Academy Certified Program

The Pilates Goddess Academy Certified Program offers an extensive approach to Pilates  Classical Repertoire that is unmatched in the Yuma County Area. 

Our training program aims to cultivate instructors who possess intuition, confidence, and critical thinking skills. During your training, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the Pilates system, followed by a thorough examination of each exercise's technique and purpose. We will teach you how to tailor the Pilates system to the unique body type of each client, ensuring that you can effectively guide them through the program. Given that every body is different, we will equip you with the necessary tools to train a diverse range of clients. Joseph H. Pilates designed his method to be taught on five different levels as a movement system, and our Pilates Goddess Academy training program focuses on achieving this primary objective.

What does the Pilates Goddess Academy offer?

In-Studio Teacher Training:

Immerse yourself in our exclusive in-person Pilates Training, where hands-on guidance enhances your learning experience. Stay tuned for upcoming online course offerings.

Master Proper Movement:

You will gain invaluable insights into proper alignment, muscle activation, and exercise techniques essential for preventing injuries and optimizing performance.

Interactive Learning:

Education should be an enjoyable journey, and our Goddess Academy is designed to be just that. Experience the thrill of hands-on learning in our refined and elegant studio environment, promising engagement and motivation throughout.

You will benefit from a meticulously crafted curriculum forged from 10 years of integrated Pilates expertise. Acquire a repertoire of techniques, cues, and modifications to craft safe and practical exercises, nurturing clients' physical well-being from head to toe, inside and out.

Enroll Today and Unlock Your Potential as a Certified Pilates Goddess Instructor!

Goddess Academy Duration:

- Comprehensive 11-month training course.

- 5 Seminar Weekends for interactive learning and networking.

- 480 hours of intensive training.

Goddess Academy Highlights: 

- Anatomy Course included.

- 5 Modules covering instruction across all Pilates apparatus, from beginner to advanced levels.

- Personal mentorship with World-Class Instructor Samia Markz.

- Detailed feedback on cueing, spotting, and Pilates sequencing.

- Specialized training for handling clients with injuries.

- Join a supportive, vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts.

- Receive comprehensive manuals for ongoing reference.

Please note:

We accept a limited intake of only ten apprentices annually. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, contact us at [email protected] to secure your spot today.

Tuition Fee:

- The total fee for the Pilates Goddess Academy Certification Program is $5,800, with a non-refundable deposit of $500 required to reserve your place.

- We offer flexible payment plans to meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Distinguishing Features of the Pilates Goddess Academy Training Program

We believe authenticity is the most important aspect when investing in our future. In addition to being the Program Director of the Pilates Goddess Academy Training Program, Samia Markz is also the fourth generation of the Pilates Classical Method. Her training was completed by Jill Cassady, whom Romana Kryzanowska trained in the Joseph Pilates method. You may be wondering who Romana Kryzanowska is. Romana was a student of Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara at their studio in New York City. Samia developed a passion for teaching the Pilates method while training under Jill. She now uses her knowledge to instruct and empower her students to reach their full potential. Her mission is to teach the classical method of Pilates to the highest standard.

2. Program Location

Pilates Goddess Academy Training Program in Yuma, Arizona, is where you will conduct lectures, labs, and assessments.

3. Program Duration Inquiry

The Pilates Goddess Academy Training Program lasts a total of eleven months. This comprehensive curriculum is designed as an immersive experience, guiding trainees through the mastery of all Pilates exercise equipment across Five Levels of instruction. This mirrors Joseph Pilates' original intent. Each level, encompassing approximately five weeks, incorporates the following components:

- Weekend Lecture Sessions (held on Saturdays and Sundays)

- Three supervised lab sessions on weekdays (conducted on Tuesday evenings).

- Essential observation and studio engagement hours

- Opportunities for practice teaching and personal workouts

In addition to these core elements, our program is enriched by including anatomy and physiology education, specialized guidance for injury and pregnancy modifications, and comprehensive business and marketing education. This holistic approach ensures our participants are thoroughly equipped for a successful Pilates instruction career, setting our program apart from shorter-duration alternatives, such as weekend courses.

4. Typical Trainee Group Size

Our Pilates Goddess Academy Training Program accommodates an average of 7-10 trainees per certification cycle. This deliberate choice of a smaller group size underscores our commitment to personalized and tailored instruction.

5. Managing Absences and Rescheduling

If a trainee cannot attend a weekend lecture, it's crucial to note that these sessions form a core component of the certification process. While we strongly advise against missing any of these lectures, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise.

It's important to highlight that lab sessions cannot be made up due to their specific nature. However, if a trainee misses a lab session, scheduling a private session with an instructor is an alternative option. Please be aware that this would involve an additional fee.

Furthermore, rescheduling tests is feasible with the payment of an extra fee. We are committed to supporting our trainees' educational journey and offer these options to address exceptional circumstances.

6. Arranging Essential Hours: 

Observation, Studio, Practice Teaching, and Self-Workouts

You can schedule the necessary observation, studio engagement, practice teaching, and self-workout hours to align with your availability. Our approach involves facilitating most trainees' effective planning of their hours throughout the program duration. This seamless coordination typically ensures that fulfilling these hours' requirements poses minimal challenges.

7. Additional Charges for Studio Usage: 

Is there an additional cost associated with utilizing studio facilities to fulfill the required hours?

No, the program fee covers all necessary studio time for completing your hours.

8. Rescheduling the Final Exam:

Rescheduling becomes necessary if you cannot participate in the Final Exam on the designated date for your program. You can reschedule the Final Exam within six months from the initial Final Exam date. A rescheduling fee of $250 is applicable for this process.

9. Preexisting Pilates Experience Prerequisite: 

Is prior Pilates experience mandatory before enrolling in the certification program?

While not an obligatory requirement, trainees with approximately 10 to 20 hours of Pilates session experience tend to grasp the Pilates method more comprehensively. Such prior familiarity typically enhances the understanding of the program material.

10. Enrollment with Preexisting Injuries: 

Am I eligible to enroll in the program if I have prior injuries?

Absolutely! Kindly provide us with the specifics of your injury so we can tailor individualized modifications to accommodate your unique situation.

11. Immediate Preparedness for Future Programs: 

While you're eager to begin promptly and considering that a new program may be scheduled later, what steps can you take to prepare now?

Upon successful submission and approval of your registration forms and receipt of your deposit, you gain access to initiate the completion of your observation hours.

12. Job Placement and Client Acquisition Support: 

Does Pilates Goddess Studio facilitate a job placement initiative or assist in acquiring clients once I have completed my certification?

Pilates Goddess Studio extends an apprentice teaching program, which entails a unique opportunity. Upon successfully completing level II, encompassing the fulfillment of required studio hours and the accomplishment of both level tests, you become eligible to commence instructing paying clients and leading group classes. Clients under the guidance of student instructors are offered a reduced rate (privates only). This arrangement not only provides student instructors with invaluable experience but also propels them forward in their certification journey. It presents a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties involved.

13. Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certification:  

Is PMA certification mandatory for a career as a Pilates Instructor?

No, it's important to note that the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is an establishment established in 2001. While our program thoroughly prepares you for the PMA certification test, it's essential to understand that PMA certification is not obligatory to embark on a career as a Pilates instructor.

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